untitled flowers 1 (Indian Hawthorne)

Posted by danthro (New Delhi, India) on 11 March 2008 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

EARLY SPRING FLOWERS SERIES 1 of ? (probably about 16 or so, but will likely be interrupted several times beginning next week)
(these are all from 2008)

WINNER OF THE DAY: Harold Greer from Greer Gardens and the Azalea Society of America. I contacted them to see if Kevin's guess was right, but it's not an azalea, it appears to be a Rhaphiolepis indica (found a photo here). Thanks also to David from the Azalea Society for suggesting flowering quince! (If you disagree, please let me know.) I'm already learning so much about flowers!

first person who can correctly tell me what kind of flower this is wins (a thank you and a link to your blog is the best i can do for a prize). i don't know the answer (horrible with flower names) which is why i would like to find out.

from looking at some of your blogs i can tell that not everyone is so fortunate to have flowers blooming in their parts of the world now and many are itching for spring time, so i decided to walk around and photograph different flowers. i haven't had a chance to do much of any processing on these aside from a few minutes in picasa but i figured this would also be good to leave you with while i'm away thursday to sunday on a trip. hope you enjoy them!

any tips on photographing flowers? composition is especially much harder than it looks in nature and i already noticed some of the bright reds seem to get a sort of glare on them and some of the lighter ones got washed out. apologies in advance if some of them didn't come out very sharp, etc. there are some i might normally have thrown out but i also wanted to find out what these different flowers are called.

Comments, feedback, criticism, suggestions, etc. are always appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry, due to a work crisis, new posts will be intermittent the next few months.

Sony DSC-W55
1/400 second
ISO 100
11 mm

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